GLE Music...A variety of new music from Minnesota artists

There is no reason that I can see why you can't play in my music tree.

About GLE Music...Gary Lee Erickson

Gary Erickson's career is as broad and diverse as the music he creates.

In elementary school, Gary experienced the anomaly of hearing music, all the time, nonstop, in his head. He could not get relief from this until he had written the melodies down himself. Thus began his composing career.

Joining the church choir, Gary honed his singing skills, becoming an accomplished lead vocalist.

Eager to try any instrument he could get his hands on, Gary embraced the drums, keyboards, clarinet, sax, and flute. This broad spectrum of talent made him a prime candidate for many different types of bands, from Dixieland to country rock, from blues to pop.

The film industry has not escaped Gary's broad sense of vision Co-owner of Crooked Pictures, LLC, Gary attended the 2009 Beverly Hills Film Festival at which Crooked Pictures walked away with two coveted awards, Best Editing and Best Short Film, for their short film "Way Up North." This film features Anchorage's local flavor"The Rubuttals" which is also one of Gary's musical interests.

More recently, Gary attended the 2013 Beverly Hills Film Festival at which Crooked Pictures walked away with the coveted award for Best Editing of the film, "The Darkness".

Music has been a part of Gary's entire life: from student to teacher, composer to producer; from upright piano to the digital age of today. Truly, Gary has withstood the test of time and looks forward to more amusing adventures in the years to come