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Aqua Lyrics

From the West Wing album

little sindy took her time goin to the bus stop
lookin for a couple pennies to buy herself a gum drop

mama come bustin through the front door
she said don't take money, advice from strangers
on the left side

take no money at all
take no money at all
take no money
from no stranger

find the time to look at things in a different light
thinking bout the difference in life from black and from white

fathers days were black and daddys days were night
he's gonna make himself feel like dyin' would be fine tonight

gonna pull out a knife
gonna pull out a knife
say goodbye to your life

little lenny kissed his girlfriend goodbye
did not know it was gonna be for the rest of time
walked up to the arresting officer and said
i don't know what i'm gonna do right now

he's gonna blow you away
he's gonna blow you away
listen what i say
gonna blow your ass away

listen to my slow groove