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Ears Wide Open Song List

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How Could You?

Road Rage

  • danceable, funny, entertaining, sad, true, think about it

Space Lady

  • danceable, funny, entertaining, I had this incredible dream.
    I woke up with this song complete.

That's Life

  • listening


  • danceable, cool, Sally's view

Wayward Wind

  • my first and probably last cover of a '50s tune.
    Danceable, pretty. Reggae.

Laughing at You

  • danceable, Goofy, fun

It's Not Right

  • danceable, true story

String People

  • danceable, reggae, pilots, captains, train engineers,
    taxis, and booz

So Hard to Let Go

  • sad, deep message

Wild Oak Tree

  • danceable, true story about my childhood

Onion Patch

  • danceable, true story

Happy Ever After

  • listening tune

Party Tonight

  • danceable, live party song

That's Life Part 2

  • listening, four tracks from that's life


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